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Optimizing production efficiency with automated stapling

Turner Machine Development introduces fully automatic elastic stapling to rectify cycle time inconsistencies and streamline manual processes within their client’s production line.

12 staples per minute
Rapid 5-minute changeover
1,000 configurable recipes
Optimizing production efficiency with automated stapling

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Story Highlights

Decreased changeovers, high output, streamlined operations

Decreases changeover time from 30 minutes to five minutes to quickly run new products.

Configurable to run up to 1,000 recipes for each fixture plate, selectable from the HMI.

Achieves 12 staples per minute, and each recipe can staple up to 8 different locations on a fixture plate.

Fully customizable for any elastic stapling application or even pick and place.

The Problem

Decreasing inconsistencies to meet a monthly demand target

Turner Machine Development (TMD) is a Vention Automation Partner and full-service industrial automation and material handling solutions provider. TMD’s client needed to increase production to meet a monthly demand target. However, their current manual process resulted in cycle time inconsistencies.
They sought an automated machine that would apply elastic staples to their products automatically and allow a more controlled production throughput.

Keagan Turner, President & Founder

"Vention’s design platform and modular hardware enabled us to quickly provide a quality and affordable solution to meet our customer’s needs."

—Keagan Turner, President & Founder

The Project

Automating stapling with a custom 6-axis elastic stapling machine

TMD evaluated the client’s current manual process to create an automated machine that would seamlessly integrate into the existing production line. The result was a custom-designed 6-axis elastic stapling machine.
This machine utilizes the elastic stapler head from the previous manual processes and incorporates it into the automated system. The system consists of two indexing/infeed stages, a 4-axis XYZ gantry system, an outfeed conveyor, and pneumatic vacuum/cylinder controls. TMD designed and built the machine, manufactured a custom control panel and HMI, and programmed the PLC/HMI.

The Results

Seamlessly integrating automation with manual processes to increase production

With the introduction of automated elastic stapling, the operation was synchronized with the new process, resulting in a more controlled throughput. This approach also reduced the amount of manual processes required, such as manually moving fixture plates to different locations and manually applying a staple to the product.
The application is configurable to run up to 1,000 recipes for each fixture plate, selectable from the HMI. TMD provided dynamic controls and setup screens for easy program teaching and recipe creation. Each recipe can staple up to eight different locations on a fixture plate.
This new system reduced changeover time from 30 minutes to 5 minutes, allowing the client to run new products quickly. Additionally, by utilizing modular hardware and flexible programming, the machine can be fully customized for any elastic stapling task. It can even serve as a pick and place machine for simple material handling applications.
The client was highly satisfied, expressing admiration for not only the machine’s functionality but also its aesthetics — a reaction not commonly associated with manufacturing solutions. TMD adopts a meticulously detail-oriented approach to the design and manufacturing of custom applications. If you need such a solution on your manufacturing floor, TMD is your answer.

Project Specs

4-Axis XYZ Gantry Robot
2-Axis Infeed Stations
Pneumatic Vacuum Pickup/Cylinder Controls/Vacuum Fixturing
Outfeed Belt Conveyor

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