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How a small business stays competitive with ergonomic furniture

Thanks to modular, ergonomic industrial furniture provided by Vention, PMB Suspension is a small business thriving amongst its competition.

3-day lead time
1-day assembly
1-year payback
How a small business stays competitive with ergonomic furniture

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Story Highlights

Project highlights

The industrial carts, workbenches, and jigs were delivered within 1 week.

Each piece of equipment was fully assembled and functional within just 1 day.

Given the rapid design and deployment, the forecasted payback is 1 year.

The furniture receives high praise from customers for its aesthetically pleasing look.

The Problem

Find cost-efficient solutions to empower a one-man team struggling to hire employees

PMB Suspension delivers high-quality mountain bike suspension services and upgrades. Located in Switzerland, where labor costs are historically higher, PMB was in need of high-quality equipment to fulfill rising customer orders and remain competitive, while saving on labor costs. The equipment not only needed to be functional but also aesthetically pleasing as the shop is often visited by customers.

Luc Byhet, Owner and Chief Technician

"Thanks to the Vention solutions I received, my business has the same revenue as other shops with teams four times bigger."

—Luc Byhet, Owner and Chief Technician

The Project

7 industrial carts, workbenches, and jigs shipped and installed within days

Luc at PMB Suspension was looking to improve processes to increase production while maintaining his high-quality service reputation. Shop optimization was crucial for keeping the business healthy and reinforcing its position as a leader in the industry. It took over 3 tries, with 3 other suppliers, but Luc finally found the proper products with Vention. Unlike other suppliers, Vention offered cost-effective industrial furniture that was both modular and ergonomic, two critical factors for the shop floor.

The Results

Entire shop floor revamp for increased efficiency

Within one week, Luc received all of the equipment and was able to assemble it in just under a day. Since then, the efficiency gains have allowed Luc to work on more high-value tasks, accept more projects, and build his business. As of today, no additional headcount will be required.

Project Specs

Industrial equipment
Industrial carts, workbenches, and jigs
Aluminum Extrusions
Table Top
Custom Panels
Lights, tool racks, paper dispenser, etc

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