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Outfitting FANUC’s showroom with modular equipment

Partners since 2021, FANUC & Vention collaborated to create complete robot cells for FANUC France’s new showroom.

1-2 week lead time
1-day assembly time
Rigid equipment to support all FANUC robots
Outfitting FANUC’s showroom with modular equipment

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Story Highlights

Project highlights

Vention provided industrial carts and pedestals for FANUC France’s new showroom.

FANUC designed all the equipment using Vention’s MachineBuilder, an intuitive CAD design environment.

All the components were delivered to the showroom within 1-2 weeks.

Assembly was completed within 1 day with detailed assembly instructions auto-generated via MachineBuilder.

The Problem

Showcasing the full capabilities of FANUC’s robots

FANUC was previously using educational equipment for their showrooms which were not suited for industrial applications. To showcase the full capabilities of their robots, FANUC needed rigid and modular support structures that could be shipped to different locations without getting damaged.

Alban Cavelier, Technical Sales Engineer

"Vention is a great solution provider for industrial equipment such as carts, pedestals, jigs, and anything else you might need to complete your robot cell. Their approach makes it simple and easy for my team and we get exactly what we want in no time. They also offer a great level of service, from complimentary design services to short deliveries."

—Alban Cavelier, Technical Sales Engineer

The Project

One solution provider to cover all structural equipment needs

Vention outfitted FANUC France’s new showroom with industrial carts, pedestals, and a heavy-duty jig to support an Airbus door. This equipment was used for medium-duty applications with the CRX-10ia/L and heavy-duty applications with the CRX-20ia/L. All the required hardware was available in Vention’s extensive parts library and easily designed in MachineBuilder.

The Results

Rigid and modular structural equipment to support FANUC’s robots

By adding industrial carts and pedestals from Vention, FANUC France is able to display their line of medium and heavy-duty cobots. Visitors to the showroom are impressed by the capabilities of the demo units, further solidifying FANUC as a leader in the world of robotics.

The structural equipment also allows FANUC France to repurpose the demo units to ensure the maximum durability and lifespan of those units.

Project Specs

Machine tending, pick-and-place, bin picking, etc
Cobot compatibility
CRX-5iA, CRX-10iA, CRX-10iA/L, CRX-20iA/L, CRX-25iA
Industrial cart options
Drawers, anchors, locating pins, etc
Robot base and pedestal options
Fixed base, telescopic column, etc

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