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Improving quality in sheet extrusion manufacturing

Implementing thickness scanners across 5 stations in continuous sheet extrusion.

Increasing scrap reduction by 1000%
Increasing process control and traceability by 75%
Deployment time reduced to 3 day
Improving quality in sheet extrusion manufacturing

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Quality control-driven system for early notification of process variations, reducing scrap by 1000%.

Assist operators with line startup by providing real-time feedback on adjustments.

Data logging for traceability and future-proof design for easy additions.

Alert operators to out-of-spec material.

The Problem

Reduce scrap and increase traceability to improve manufacturing process efficiencies and quality

JMC Motion, a Vention Automation Partner, is a system integrator that provides full turn-key automation systems to its clients.
JMC’s client found themselves spending a large number of resources, both financial and labor, on scrap and rework efforts. They tasked JMC with finding a creative solution to automate scrap reduction and process verification within a short timeframe and with a strict budget.

Justin Juhan, Owner

"Working with Vention as a Vention Automation Partner (VAP) allows us to deliver fast and robust solutions to our customers. Not only benefiting the end user, but simultaneously reducing design time and streamlining project management"

—Justin Juhan, Owner

The Project

Multi-station machine with thickness scanners and data logging for traceability

The solution consisted of multi-station thickness scanners for process control of continuously extruded sheets. With five linear actuators, five HMIs, seven remote operator panels, and data logging for traceability, the solution integrates seamlessly with the client’s existing extrusion lines. In addition, it has upstream data for process adjustments and downstream finished product thickness verification.

The Results

A quality-control-driven system to successfully reduce scrap and increase process control

JMC Motion successfully created an end-to-end solution to reduce scrap and meet the customer’s needs. Showing the operators real-time thickness data of the extruded sheet allows them to adjust flow bolts and immediately see the results of those changes.
Having this real-time ability greatly reduced the scrap rate from before when defective material would make it all the way through the process and be caught at general quality control checks (or worse by the customer). All along, a constant flow of scrap material was being extruded until the issue was detected.
The modular design and Vention platform facilitate easy future modifications, retrofits, and expansion. Plans include integrating a part marking system to highlight defects for straightforward operator identification.

Project Specs

5 Linear Actuators/Thickness Scanners
7 Remote Operator Panels
Aluminum Extrusions
45x45mm Profiles
Data Logging

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