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Automating unloading with precision and efficiency

Garbarre achieves next-level automation using Vention technology to enhance pressed part handling.

1 FTE reallocated
100% increased throughput
6-month payback
Increased ease of use
Automating unloading with precision and efficiency

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Story Highlights

Reallocation, lights-out production, and streamlined operations

The customer was able to reallocate a full-time equivalent (FTE) to more fulfilling tasks.

Throughput increased up to 100% with lights-out production.

Payback is expected to be reached within 6 months.

Operation streamlined with an intuitive, minimally human-involved solution.

The Problem

Unloading delicate parts and accurately placing them onto a press tray requires a balancing act

Gasbarre, a Vention Automation Partner, is a global supplier of custom capital equipment catering to the powder compaction and heat treating industries. The challenge for one of their clients involved delicately unloading components from a Gasbarre 30T Hydraulic press and precisely situating them onto a tray system. A process that required meticulous attention to detail and inventive solutions.

To ensure optimal performance, the cobot was tasked with unloading each tray layer with precise part placement to avoid overlap and maximize spatial efficiency. Achieving this demanded a robust and stable structure with minimal lateral movement.

Heath Jenkins, President, Press & Automation

"Vention's products were crucial in the success of our project. From the MachineMotion to the safety area scanner and servo drive, these products proved instrumental in safely unloading delicate pressed parts onto a tray system. Their technical design assistance was invaluable, especially considering the diverse range of parts we needed to handle."

—Heath Jenkins, President, Press & Automation

The Project

A stable, rigid structure to optimize the unloading of delicate parts

Gasbarre was entrusted with developing an automated system to unload delicate parts onto a tray system.

A robotic system was employed to pull out each subsequent tray layer as the prior one was filled, requiring precise placement to avoid overlap and optimize tray space utilization. To achieve stability and precision, a robust and rigid structure was imperative, leading to the selection of Vention as the primary structural hardware supplier. Vention’s guarding system not only delivered superior performance compared to previously utilized products but the structure’s look and feel were also significantly improved.

In addition, Vention was chosen to supply the safety area scanner and servo drive due to their technical expertise and product availability, adding value to Gasbarre’s offerings and enhancing customer satisfaction.

The Results

Enhanced operational efficiency and precision

Gasbarre successfully developed an automated system to meet their customer’s unique needs. The end solution achieved significant improvements and tangible benefits, resulting in a 100% increase in throughput for lights-out production. This substantial boost in productivity allowed the customer to maximize their operational output with minimal human intervention. In addition, the intuitive solution simplified workflows, minimizing the risk of errors and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

By transitioning to lights-out production, the customer could reallocate an FTE to more fulfilling tasks, optimizing workforce utilization and potentially reducing labor costs. The projected payback period of 6 months further underscores the financial benefits realized through increased efficiency and reduced manual intervention.

Project Specs

Robot arm
Universal Robots UR10e
Press Tending
Industrial cart options
Enclosure, Area scanner

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