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UR16e: Mastering Your Next Robot Cell

September 17, 2019 | Michael Di Staulo

Universal Robots just released the UR16e cobot. Wondering what are the intended use cases of this cobot? Need compatible equipment for your next robot cell with the UR16e? Hopefully, this article will help with your design process.

The UR16e has a 16 kg payload at full extension and an overall reach of 900 mm, so it makes efficient use of floor space while delivering robust performance. Intended use cases include heavy machine tending, heavy material handling, packaging and palletizing, screw and nut driving, or polishing, sanding, buffing, and deburring.

The E-series for Universal Robots
UR3e UR5e UR10e UR16e
Payload 3kg 5kg 10kg 16kg
Reach 500mm 850mm 1300mm 900mm
Pose Repeatability ± 0.03 mm ± 0.03 mm ± 0.05 mm ± 0.05 mm
Speed ← 1 m/s →

Need an assembly for your next robot cell for with UR16e? We got you covered. Vention recently released a range of designs compatible with the UR16e, including a few that leverages Vention’s URCap for Robot Cell Integration.

If you need help to create a new design or simply customize an existing design from our public design library, simply contact us on the Live Chat at the bottom of your screen. Our team of Application Engineers have all the required design specs handy and can assist you throughout your robot cell design.

Heavy-duty 3.3 m 7th axis

Heavy-duty 3.3 m 7th axis
CNC Tending and Inspection Cel

CNC Tending and Inspection Cell
Machine-Tending Feeder

Machine-Tending Feeder
Vertical Palletizer

UR Base for MiR

Have we piqued your interest? Start building your own designs featuring the new UR16e in MachineBuilder today.

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