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Palletizing in action: Real-world success stories

January 22, 2024 | Quinn Harker

Automation is no longer optional, but a requirement for small to medium-sized manufacturers looking to reduce costs while staying competitive. This blog post delves into four real-world case studies showcasing the transformative power of palletizer automation. From reallocating labor to achieving significant return on investment (ROI), these four success stories highlight how businesses leverage Vention robotic palletizing solutions to overcome the labor shortage, streamline operations, and maximize productivity.

Client 1: Redefining Productivity with Cobot Palletizers

Sager Foods is a family-owned and operated food company and the leading packager of vegetable oils in Canada. Sager was looking to improve the productivity and efficiency of their packaging line but struggled to attract additional labor in the current market. To combat the effects of labor shortages, they sought to automate packaging, freeing up operators to move to other production lines.

Sager wasn’t looking for just any palletizing solution, though. They required an accessible, easy-to-use machine that didn’t require third-party expertise to program and operate it. After exploring different suppliers, Sager chose Vention for its short lead times, no-code programming, intuitive user interface, and 2-day deployment and training.

The resulting solution involved two cobot palletizers serving three production lines. The user-friendly and code-free programming interface of Vention’s MachineApps software allowed Sager Foods’ existing staff to manage the robots autonomously, eliminating the need for external expertise.

Results were impressive, with three full-time operators moved to higher-value tasks and a forecasted payback period of just over a year. The entire process, from order to commissioning, took a mere eight weeks, so Sager could begin earning a return on investment faster.

Project Highlights Specifications Software
8-week lead time

3 staff reallocated

2-day deployment

1-year payback
Doosan H2515

O-ring conveyor

Pneumatic actuators

Schmalz vacuum area gripper with suction cups

Fully enclosed safety gate bolt with interlock
MachineBuilder: CAD design software to easily design manufacturing equipment.

MachineLogic: No-code programming and simulation software.

MachineApps: No-code, graphics-based pallet configuration and operation interface.

Client 2: Lean Automation for High-Mix Palletizing

Rev-A-Shelf, a leading innovator in residential cabinet storage organizational products, sought an automation partner to help achieve its lean manufacturing initiatives. With a focus on low to mid-volumes and high-mix SKUs, they required flexible automated palletizing solutions that could adapt to constant changeovers and fit seamlessly into their existing manufacturing processes.

The collaborative effort between Vention and Rev-A-Shelf resulted in the deployment of two industrial robot palletizers serving four production lines. These palletizers utilized a FANUC industrial robot for the additional reach and heavy payload requirements. The simplicity of the MachineApps software allowed standard operators to easily configure pallets, navigate changeovers, and operate the cobots. On a manufacturing floor that is managing 5,700+ SKUs, the ease of use of MachineApps is essential for keeping the assembly line running smoothly.

Within six months, eight operators were reallocated to higher-value tasks, achieving a return on investment in just 20 months. The success of this project has solidified the partnership between Vention and Rev-A-Shelf, paving the way for future automation projects to further enhance long-term production efficiencies.

Project Highlights Specifications Software
8 operators reallocated

5,700+ SKUs palletized

< 20-month ROI

150k USD/year in savings
FANUC M-710ic robot arm

Roller conveyors

Custom vacuum gripper
MachineBuilder: CAD design software to easily design manufacturing equipment.

MachineApps: No-code, graphics-based pallet configuration and operation interface.

Client 3: Transforming Palletizing for Packaged Goods Manufacturing


A large packaged goods manufacturer faced significant challenges in hiring, training, and retaining employees for repetitive and heavy payload palletizing tasks. The manual operation restricted stack heights and was too complex with multiple scattered infeed conveyors and 200+ SKUs.

To solve their labor challenges and increase the efficiency and productivity of the palletizing process, this manufacturer turned to Vention unique palletizing application featuring a UR20 on a telescopic column to maximize payload and reach.

The impact was profound, with the reallocation of seven employees to higher-priority tasks, easy changeovers between SKUs and layouts, and an 18-month payback period. The industry-first design allowed the robot arm to reach pallet heights of 100”—transforming this manufacturer’s manual palletizing operation into a streamlined and cost-effective process.

Project Highlights Specifications Software
7 operators reallocated

200+ SKUs palletized

< 18-month ROI

8 boxes/minute between 2 lines
Universal Robots UR20

Telescopic column

Industry-first design
MachineBuilder: CAD design software to easily design manufacturing equipment.

MachineApps: No-code, graphics-based pallet configuration and operation interface.

Client 4: Rapid Automated Palletizing Implementation


A plastic manufacturer facing difficulties hiring for repetitive palletizing tasks turned to automation for a solution. With a need to reduce labor costs on non-value-added operations and handle 15+ SKUs regularly, Vention introduced a medium payload cobot palletizer.

The palletizer was implemented within an impressive 12-week timeframe, from initial discussions to the completed Site Acceptance Test (SAT). The impact was immediate, with two full-time employees reallocated to higher-value tasks and a payback period of less than 12 months. The solution also enhanced the safety of their operations, allowed for quick changeovers, and ability to handle multiple SKUs and patterns.

As part of this solution, the Vention team went on-site to the client for two days to complete the SAT and train employees to operate the palletizer. Now, this manufacturer is packaging more products in less time, demonstrating the transformative power of automation for this plastic manufacturer.

Project Highlights Specifications Software
2 operators reallocated

15+ SKUs and patterns

< 12 month ROI

12 weeks from first contact to SAT completion
Universal Robots UR10

Slip sheets

Safety enclosure & area scanners
MachineBuilder: CAD design software to easily design manufacturing equipment.

Start seeing these same results

These real-world case studies showcase the tangible benefits of automating your palletizing process with Vention. By streamlining packaging operations, reallocating labor, and increasing efficiencies, impressive returns on investment are achievable. 

Manufacturers across industry sectors are recognizing the need for automation as a tool to save costs and remain competitive. Discover the transformative power that automated palletizing can have on your end-of-line production.

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