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Give your robot superpowers: Introducing the Robot Power Pack

May 13, 2024 | Quinn Harker

Robot Power Pack

Investing in a robot is a decision you’ll want to maximize for its full potential. Whether you’re new to robotics and need a simple system to get you started or you’re looking to supercharge your existing robot fleet with advanced functionalities, the Robot Power Pack unlocks your robot’s full potential and gives it superpowers.

Why do I need the Robot Power Pack?

The Robot Power Pack boosts your robot’s capabilities by allowing you to program, deploy, and operate new or existing robots within one powerful and easy to use platform.

With the Robot Power Pack, access the following superpowers:

Seamlessly program your robot in Python

Python in MachineLogic empowers you to bring your boldest ideas to life. Whether you’re automating simple tasks or looking to program complex robot sequences with precision and efficiency, MachineLogic allows you to code in your web browser without halting production. Once your program is ready to deploy, seamlessly transfer it to your physical machine on the factory floor with 1-click-deploy.

Cloud-based simulation with digital twin

Cloud-based simulation uses digital twin technology to author, simulate, and validate programming directly in your web browser. Benefit from advanced functionality, such as scene assets, to visually adjust your robot’s path and the position of waypoints, providing easier control over robot motion. Simulate programs coded in Python or using our no-code user interface before deployment to mitigate risks and reduce deployment time.

Quickly capture insights of your factory floor

MachineAnalytics allows you to monitor your operations remotely with real-time insights and historical data. Powered by MachineMotion and accessible from anywhere, quickly capture detailed information about your robots to maximize the performance and utilization of your machines while minimizing downtime.

Instant support from robotics experts

Remote Support provides high-priority automation and deployment support for every mission-critical task. Access expert assistance directly from your Vention Pendant, utilize the built-in dual cameras to show your machine in real-time, and screen share your program for rapid troubleshooting and issue resolution.

What is included in the Robot Power Pack?

The Robot Power Pack is an indispensable addition to any manufacturing floor. The value of the powerful software, in combination with plug & play hardware, is everything you need to power up your robotics projects. The Robot Power Pack includes:

  • MachineMotion plug & play controller, pendant with camera, and robot safety modules.
  • 2 years of unlimited access to MachineLogic, MachineAnalytics, and Remote Support.

Give your robot superpowers

Robots are quickly becoming an integral part of any manufacturing floor. If you’re looking to add a robot or enhance your existing robot’s capabilities, ensure you get the most value for your investment. Empower your robot with Vention’s cloud robotics platform, a powerful suite of software to program, deploy, and operate one robot or an entire fleet. With the Robot Power Pack, you’re not just operating your robot, you’re giving it superpowers.

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