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Introducing the Vention Partner Network

May 27, 2020 | Patrick Halde

Vention has always been about digital collaboration. From adding collaborators to your 3D design to sharing designs within your enterprise team, empowering our users to work together is always a priority.

After a 4-month beta program, we are now extending our collaboration infrastructure to our industry partners. Alongside 25+ partners, we are proud to introduce the Vention Partner Network, empowering manufacturers of industrial components to integrate their products on Vention’s Manufacturing Automation Platform seamlessly. Vention users will benefit from a curated and rapidly expanding library of components, all of which are plug & play with Vention’s parts ecosystem and made available for 3D design, online purchase and shipped within days.

The easiest path to automate the factory floor

The Vention Partner Network enables the industrial automation and machine design community to create more advanced, end-to-end automated equipment with little to no integration efforts.

“We are now closer than ever to providing a true one-stop shop experience for our industrial automation clients, from design and simulation to procurement and commissioning” said, Patrick Halde, Chief Business Development Officer at Vention. “With the Vention Partner Network, manufacturers are empowered to build increasingly complex industrial applications in one digital environment.”

Initially focused on structural framing and more recently on simple automated equipment, the addition of partner components increases the level of complexity that can be created with Vention. Users designing advanced equipment will benefit from a curated list of partners, each solving specific industrial automation use cases from robot arms to end-of-arm tooling, conveyors, and safety. Components made available on the partner network have been tested for software and hardware compatibility translating into pain-free commissioning of the equipment. Like all Vention parts, partner components have been tightly integrated into the Vention platform, from real-time pricing inside MachineBuilder 3D to simulation with MachineLogic.

A digital go-to-market channel for industrial component manufacturers

Through our role in the machine design, robotics, and industrial automation spaces, we have the privilege of forging many solid relationships with our industry partners. Offering the opportunity to leverage the modularity of our Manufacturing Automation Platform by incorporating their products was a natural way to strengthen these relationships.

Participating partners now gain access to a robust software infrastructure as part of the “My Team dashboard.” We provide our partners with a self-managed product offering and pricing to define platform positioning and access to analytic insights about their products.

“When joining Vention’s Partner Network, we worked closely with their team to identify product lines with the strongest fit.” said Ron Heasman, National Sales Manager. “With the Dorner 2200-series, users can create more than 100 different configurations of conveyors directly in Vention’s MachineBuilder. Benefitting from a tight integration and the modularity of Ventions hardware, users can create customized applications quickly and easily.”

“We’re excited about what this partnership will offer our customers,” said Simon Drexler, Director of LMT products at ATS Automation. “SuperTrak CONVEYANCE platforms allow manufacturers to build more flexible, compact, and scalable manufacturing systems. Now, by partnering with Vention, they can easily concept and design their cells using SuperTrak GEN3 as their foundation.”

Partners can easily get started by uploading 3D models of their selected product offering. To ensure a seamless user experience for the Vention community, uploaded products go through a software and hardware integration validation process before being officially released on the platform.

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