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Working with Vention: Support from design to deployment

June 18, 2024 | Quinn Harker


The world of industrial automation is complex, and we’re here to help you navigate it. After thousands of successful deployments, we’ve defined key strategies to maximize project outcomes. From a free video consultation to a streamlined e-commerce experience, our services are designed for your convenience. Here are five ways Vention supports you prior to deployment to ensure a successful project.

1. Book a free consultation

An industrial automation project should always begin by speaking with a human. While many companies create barriers to direct communication, we prioritize putting our experts front and center so they’re always available to assist in your design journey.

On the Vention website, you can easily schedule a meeting under “Book a free video call.” During this personalized session, we’ll demonstrate our platform and delve into your specific needs, processes, challenges, and goals. This initial conversation is to understand your project and set clear expectations of what can be achieved.

2. Scope your project with an expert

After the introductory call, the next step is to kick off the project with a Vention expert. Here, we’ll work with you to discuss the details and particular requirements to build a project scope.

We’ll cover the type of machine you’re looking for, the preferred robot brand, machine footprint, estimated throughput and cycle times, budget and ROI expectations, timeline, and more. We’ll use MachineScope to clearly define these requirements, create deliverables, manage resources, and collaborate with your team. Starting with a full project scope is indispensable in creating a solid foundation for success.

3. Receive personalized design assistance

With your full project scope, the next step is to begin the design process. Vention’s 3D CAD software, MachineBuilder,  streamlines the creation of custom automated equipment and robot cells. Alternatively, you can start with one of the thousands of pre-built design templates.

For more hands-on support, Vention’s application engineers provide expert recommendations to expedite the process and ensure a successful design.

4. Validate programming with digital twin simulation

Now that you have your completed design, it’s time to program and simulate it in MachineLogic. Every design automatically creates a near-perfect digital twin. This allows you to simulate robot programs and validate program behavior in a realistic virtual environment prior to deploying on the edge.

This technology greatly reduces deployment risks and allows for a seamless transition from cloud programming to on-site deployment.

5. Order and deploy in just days

With your finalized design, a bill of material (BOM) is automatically generated in MachinePortal. Navigate through the self-checkout process in a few simple steps, securely pay, and receive your full order in just a few days. This streamlined process is akin to a typical e-commerce experience, making it quick and simple.

These five steps are crucial to the success of Vention clients and take place before any financial commitment. In our continued effort to democratize industrial automation, we believe in the value of connecting and collaborating with a human from the outset. This approach opens the playing field to more companies, fosters successful projects, and establishes strong relationships for ongoing and future collaborations.

Hear from real Vention clients

“Vention offers a lot of additional value on top of the parts/robots they offer. I mean, where else can you design a system, get assistance with the design, and check robot reach for free?  Unbelievable extra value.”

“Your customer service is outstanding and second to none. Whenever I’ve asked what if, or can you? Your team has been willing to say why not and worked with my team to develop and implement almost impossible solutions.”

“Vention was very supportive from the design to actual delivery.”

“Great assistance in designing and reviewing the custom stand. The lead time was as indicated, and the stand came assembled perfectly.”

Start your next industrial automation project off right.

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