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What you missed at Demo Day 2023

October 06, 2023 | Quinn Harker

This year, we celebrated Demo Day 2023, our annual product event to showcase our latest cutting-edge innovations. During the fourth annual event, we welcomed partners, clients, and industry leaders from around the world at our Montreal and Berlin offices and live-streamed the event for those who couldn’t attend in person. 

Continue reading for what you missed at Demo Day 2023. 

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Integrated platform. Elevated performance. Rewire your automation journey.

Demo Day’s theme demonstrated how the integration of the Manufacturing Automation Platform (MAP) allows for the elevated performance of automated equipment. This year, we fully closed the loop of the automation journey with the unveiling of Operate, the fifth MAP pillar. In addition, we also announced groundbreaking product additions and enhancements to the other MAP pillars, including design, automate, and deploy. 

Operate with MachineAnalytics 

The introduction of the Operate pillar and MachineAnalytics to MAP now provides you with the essential tools and insights needed to unlock your machine’s full potential: from the initial stages of scoping through design and deployment, and finally, to machine operation. 

Through a unified view within MachineAnalytics, and seamlessly integrated into the MachinePortal dashboard, you can access historical and real-time information about your machine’s health and performance. 

Key features in MachineAnalytics include: 

  • Fleet performance monitoring: Enables precise performance tracking through Cycle Start and End point identification in MachineLogic programs. The dashboard presents essential metrics like cycle count and average cycle times, while historical data analysis identifies trends for proactive optimization, reducing downtime, and enhancing productivity.
  • Fleet health monitoring: Monitors the status and health of fleet components, including drives, motors, and control modules, and includes access to comprehensive activity logs. MachineAnalytics streamlines the process, providing access to historical and current controller metrics, CPU usage, temperature, memory, disk usage, and drive temperature data.
  • RemoteView: Provides real-time machine visibility from anywhere. Each machine is equipped with a single camera to allow users to remotely access a live video stream within MachineAnalytics so users can have eyes on their factory floor at all times.

Design with MachineBuilder

This year, we celebrated the six-year anniversary of MachineBuilder, our 3D computer-aided design software. To support you in creating larger and even more complex designs, we enhanced MachineBuilder’s speed, navigation, and convenience, establishing it as the most accessible industrial automation design solution. 

Announcements to MachineBuilder include: 

  • Integration of MachineScope within MachineBuilder: Streamlined project scoping within MachineBuilder, consolidating design requirements into a single, user-friendly environment and simplifying information organization for multiple designs.
  • Connection logic for part placement: Provides the ability to select from a curated set of part positions when adding new components to the CAD environment. 
  • Panel studio: Allows for custom panel creation, including complex geometries with various hole types, building upon last year’s Smart Auto-Panel addition.
  • XL extrusions: Purpose-built profile designs, including a modular heavy-duty extrusion for 20-30 kg cobots, simplifying assembly and setup. 

Automate with MachineLogic

Since 2018, MachineLogic has been at the heart of our end-to-end solutions, providing an intuitive way to program industrial machines. This year, we expanded and enhanced the capabilities of MachineLogic to further streamline the programming process for all manufacturers. 

Enhancements to MachineLogic include:

  • Code-free programming: Enhanced readability is now offered, reducing sequence complexity by up to 50%. It simplifies robot programming across brands, unifying the process within a single interface.  
  • Python programming: Python, one of the world’s most popular programming languages, is now offered natively within MachineLogic, making machine programming more accessible than ever with pre-built libraries, comprehensive documentation, and examples. 
  • Simulation: High-quality software programming and plug-and-play hardware are pivotal, but the greatest added value is in creating an authentic digital twin of the automated equipment. With simulation capabilities within MachineLogic, the functionalities are now extended to a wide range of industrial components.
  • MachineApps: Our programming environment now includes MachineApps, purpose-built, code-free applications that save users weeks of manual programming time. The robot-agnostic apps include an enhanced palletizing app, capable of handling multiple pallet bays with an integrated 7th axis. 

Deploy with MachineCloud and Remote Support

Last year’s Demo Day focused on simplifying automation project deployment with the announcement of MachineCloud. With software-assisted, step-by-step deployment, we connected the cloud to the factory floor for the simplest deployment experience. This year, we’ve expanded upon these capabilities to bring you an even greater user experience.  

Key additions to MachineCloud include: 

  • 3-point robot calibration: When it comes to deployment, calibration with the environment can be challenging. With our 3-point calibration, you can control your robot’s movement directly from the Vention pendant using Free Drive, facilitating manual movement and rapid position teaching. 
  • Pendant V3: This next-generation pendant features front/back cameras, a detachable handle, a touchscreen display, and Wi-Fi/Ethernet connectivity for an improved user experience and seamless communication with Vention’s Customer Support team via the new control interface. 
  • Remote Support: Our new solution, Remote Support, is offered through Pendant V3, and connects users to automation experts within 10 minutes, ensuring quick problem resolution, reducing downtime, and streamlining issue resolution.

First annual State of DIY Industrial Automation report


During the in-person event in our Montreal and Berlin offices, we also unveiled our first annual State of DIY Industrial Automation report. The report reveals that 75% of platform users, mainly small and medium-sized businesses, are achieving 50% of their automation projects independently. They shared that manufacturers have been forming internal Advanced Manufacturing Teams to steer automation initiatives, resulting in cost savings, enhanced expertise, and skill development on the factory floor.

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That’s a wrap for Demo Day 2023! With the addition of MachineAnalytics as the fifth pillar of MAP, we are closing the loop on your automation journey and one step closer to making industrial automation accessible to all manufacturers. Thank you to everyone who attended Demo Day 2023, both in person and virtually. The event wouldn’t have been a success without you! 

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