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Watch on-demand: Automate your end-of-line in days

January 24, 2024 | Sophie Bisson


In today’s manufacturing landscape, speed is crucial to stay ahead of the competition and adapt to a faster product lifecycle. When automation solutions take months to be delivered, programmed, and deployed, manufacturers lose precious time instead of earning a return on investment.

In our most recent webinar, “Automate Your End-of-Line in Days with Vention’s Next Generation Robot Palletizer,” we go in-depth about our newest palletizing solution crafted to get your operations up and running in under a fortnight. Learn how this cutting-edge palletizer sets a new standard in speed, efficiency, and risk-free implementation.

Discover all the features of the Rapid Series Palletizer covered during the webinar:

  • 3 simple configurations: UR10 fixed-height, UR10 telescopic, and UR20 fixed-height.
  • Cost-effective: Options beginning under 100k USD with transparent, no-surprise pricing.
  • Fast shipping: Ships in 5 business days from order confirmation so you can begin automating sooner.
  • Turnkey deployment: The Vention team will come on-site for a 2-day deployment, including configuration and operator training sessions.
  • Intuitive user interface: Utilize MachineApp’s rich UI and advanced features for complex palletizing.
  • On-demand Remote Support: One-click access to Vention’s Customer Success Team.
  • Remote monitoring: Industry 4.0-ready with MachineAnalytics, monitoring the palletizer’s health and performance.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness a seamless and effortless transformation in palletizing technology. Embrace efficiency, elevate your end-of-line capabilities, and be at the forefront of the automation revolution! Discover more about the Rapid Series Palletizer or contact our experts to get started today.

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