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Vention at ATX West 2024: Ushering in a new era with easy-to-deploy applications and an intuitive platform

February 09, 2024 | Sophie Bisson


From February 6th to 8th, 2024, Vention participated in IME West, a prominent advanced manufacturing event featuring five interconnected expos covering various sectors, from medtech and robotics to packaging. ATX West is one of the five expos dedicated to advancing manufacturing automation and highlighting cutting-edge technology to advance efficiency and minimize time, waste, and expenses.

Throughout the event, industry leaders presented innovative industrial automation and manufacturing solutions to improve processes and streamline existing operations.

Vention showcased three interactive demonstrations illustrating how our Manufacturing Automation Platform (MAP) enables manufacturers to automate their factory operations three times faster and at up to 40% lower costs. These demos displayed the robustness and modularity of our hardware combined with the simplicity of our software, demonstrating the extensive capabilities of MAP.

“ATX West marked the West Cost debut of Vention’s Operate pillar of the Manufacturing Automation Platform. The new Rapid Series Palletizer with MachineAnalytics was a clear standout and drew interest from major enterprises and local co-packers alike. I was particularly intrigued to see the engagement with connectivity devices and simulation software as attendees sought to reduce deployment uncertainty and validate their reality prior to making a purchase..” - Peter Martinez, Vice President of Key Account Management, Vention

Rapid Series CRX-25 Palletizer

At the trade show, we proudly featured our latest innovation: the Rapid Series Palletizer! This new palletizer features the FANUC CRX-25 and a Vention telescopic lift column, conveyor, and pneumatic ecosystem. It serves as a game-changer for manufacturers looking to quickly and effectively to automate their packaging operations. Designed in MachineBuilder, and calibrated and programmed in MachineApps, the Rapid Series Palletizer includes seamless remote monitoring via MachineAnalytics & RemoteView. Additionally, the package includes a one-year subscription to Remote Support, providing users with on-demand automation and deployment support at the click of a button.

The Rapid Series Palletizer features a 5-day lead time from order confirmation to shipping, 2-day on-site deployment, 10-minute configuration, 6-month payback, and options beginning under 100k USD. Discover all the benefits of robotic palletizing.

UR10e Range Extender / 7th Axis

For our second demo, we featured our Robot 7th Axis. This application increases the reach of your robot with a plug & play, pinch-point-free design. It features a floor-mounted configuration with an enclosed timing belt, a UR10e cobot, and a Schunk 2-finger gripper. The modularity of the hardware allows for various other configurations, such as overhead, telescopic or vertical gantry.

The 7th Axis was fully designed in MachineBuilder and programmed code-free in MachineLogic. The digital twin automatically created with each MachineBuilder design allows for a simple, hassle-free setup and configuration of the machine. While this range extender is featured with a UR10e cobot, our hardware ecosystem and programming software are robot-agnostic, making it fully compatible with other leading robot brands and models including FANUC, Doosan, and others.

Automation Station

Flexibility is important when looking for the perfect workspace. Vention’s Automation Station demonstrated the modularity and flexibility of our hardware ecosystem. Within the ecosystem is our patented aluminum extrusion profiles. These are the basis for most automation applications, and with Vention, they allow for easy reconfiguration as needs evolve and the unique v-shape groves allow for 25% more payload at every joint.

Within the Automation Station, booth visitors also received the full MAP experience, getting hands-on experience with all four of our core software offerings:

  • Design: MachineBuilder is a powerful CAD design software to simplify the rapid creation and customization of factory equipment.
  • Automate: MachineLogic is the quickest and most user-friendly way to program industrial automation sequences. The robot-agnostic interface caters to all skill levels, from no-code to Python programming.
  • Deploy: MachineCloud utilizes digital twin technology for rapid, step-by-step deployment from the cloud to the factory floor, guaranteeing a successful deployment every time.
  • Operate: MachineAnalytics grants access to real-time insights and historical data to optimize machine performance, RemoteView offers a real-time video stream of your factory floor, and lastly, Remote Support ensures seamless deployment and operational support from our experts.

#VentionBlue throughout ATX West

We spotted some #VentionBlue throughout the trade show. Thank you to partners and industry leaders for utilizing Vention in your booths! Special shout out to Creaform, Flexxbotics, MSI Tec, Universal Robots, and Omron Automation, who featured our products during the week.

Next up, Vention is attending PACK EXPO East in Philadelphia, PA, from March 18th to 20th! Hope to see you there. If you could not attend ATX West 2024 but would like to know more about our products and applications, please get in touch with our team using the form on the left hand side of your screen.

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