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Scaling packaging operations with automation: How tailored end-of-line solutions can eliminate labor shortages

February 15, 2023 | Quinn Harker

Introducing automation to your end-of-line packaging operation:

End-of-line packaging is an essential part of any manufacturing line. As one of the last steps in your operation, it is critical for products to be packaged correctly and consistently. Traditionally, end-of-line packaging consists of manual, repetitive, and labor-intensive tasks that make them highly susceptible to labor shortages. Introducing automation to complete some or all of these tasks eliminates labor shortages while increasing productivity, reducing workplace injuries, improving product quality, and seeing ROI in less than nine months.

Tailored end-of-line packaging solutions for your manufacturing floor:

Over the last three years, we saw the emergence of highly productized applications such as box erectors and cobot palletizers that are well designed to serve simple use cases but have limited possibility to be adapted as operations scale. For example, to add a 2nd in-feed conveyor, or to augment the safety system in the future, you would need a complete redesign of the line and replacement of the equipment. At Vention, we are building applications that can grow with your business so you can avoid redesigns and equipment replacements down the line. Through our Manufacturing Automation Platform (MAP), applications are built on a library of 1,000+ modular components that allow for easy modifications as operations scale, ensuring both your current and future packaging needs are always met.

End-of-line packaging applications to automate:


To improve your end-of-line packaging and eliminate labor shortages, we suggest introducing automation for these manual tasks:

  • Erecting & taping of boxes
  • Packing of boxes
  • Palletizing of boxes

Box Erector


Combining ease of use and consistency, our box erector is capable of completing 2 pallets without refilling the box magazine. This application is adaptable to a wide range of box sizes and can be fully tailored to match your production needs and adapt to the layout of your manufacturing floor.

Case Packer


The case packer creates uniform boxes every time for consistent packaging quality. Our intuitive interface allows you to create new SKUs and box or tray patterns within minutes, making it easy to adapt to your unique production needs.

Cobot Palletizer


Vention’s cobot palletizers are modular and cost-effective solutions to palletize a wide variety of products.

Our newest cobot palletizer application, the 10kg+ Payload Cobot Palletizer, offers an extended range, ideal for those lighter-weight boxes that are piled high and out-of-reach for your other applications. Similar to our other Vention applications, the 10kg+ payload cobot palletizer is built using our modular ecosystem of 1,000+ parts and runs with MachineApps to seamlessly fit into your operations.

These three applications, either used together or separately, can drastically improve your end-of-line packaging so you can begin to see a return on your investment within the year while eliminating the effects of labor shortages on your end-of-line packaging operation.

Chat with your team of experts today to learn how you can introduce automation to your end-of-line.


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